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Service Providers

We have many resources to support service providers both in their own professional and personal development as well as resources to be used to support their service provision.

Some of our books are written for people working in specific sectors (Aged, Health, Disability) and there are some more generic resources for personal development that also make great gifts for colleagues or friends. Some books (I’m Old Not Stupid! And I’m Disabled NOT stupid) are great ways to not only educate service provides they also can help support families and other people interacting with clients to communicate in a more empowered and respectful way. Our My Best Life book contains inspiring messages for seniors and the My Best Life cards are perfect to use working with clients, but can also be used by the clients themselves to get greater insight into their needs and choices. Our App also provides a great toolkit to have a range of Better Questions to have at your fingertips.

Better Questions For Health & Wellbeing

Enabling Patient Engagement & Better Health Outcomes

If you want to have More Meaningful Client/Patient Conversations that lead to better Client/Patient Engagement and better Health Outcomes. We can help you. More

Better Questions For Disability Support

Enabling Choice and Empowerment for People with Disability

We can help you to make a positive difference. If you care for someone with disability or work within the sector, you have a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact on these people's lives and we can help you do that. More

Better Questions For Community Services

Improving client outcomes through better client relationships

Community ...we are all a part of it, but we are all individuals with our own unique personalities, desires and needs. That's why, if you work in this sector, it's essential to use a 'Person Centred' communication approach with your clients. And that's where we come in. More

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Better Health & Wellbeing Professionals Ask Better Questions

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