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We have a range of books available that enable you to practice asking Better Questions in both your professional roles and in your personal lives.

Some of our books will support your personal development and enable you to ask yourself Better Questions and others are written to support you being a better communicator in a specific role or context. Our books for various contexts (Leaders, Parents, Aged Care and Health) all contain the same key messages and contain some slight variances with stories and examples to suit that context. Our personal development books (The Answer and My Best Life) will enable you to be a better version of yourself and the I’m Old Not Stupid and I’m Disabled Not stupid are fabulous resources to both challenge and inspire everyone working with older people or people with disability to communicate in a more respectful and empowered way.

365 Days Of Inspiration


I'm Disabled Not Stupid!


Mighty Marvin Mouse


I'm Old Not Stupid!

from $4.95

My Wellbeing Booklet For Seniors


My Best Life


Caring Differently


Better Health & Wellbeing Professionals Ask Better Questions

from $7.99

The Answer

from $7.99

Better Aged Care Professionals Ask Better Questions

from $7.99

Better Parents Ask Better Questions - Join The Parenting Revolution...

from $7.99

Better Leaders Ask Better Questions

from $7.99

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