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Better Questions For Disability Support

Enabling Choice and Empowerment for People with Disability

We can help you to make a positive difference

If you care for someone with disability or work within the sector, you have a fantastic opportunity to make a positive impact on these people's lives and we can help you do that.


We can teach you to how to talk with people with disability in a way:

That helps you to:

  • Break down barriers and build trust
  • Connect and build a better relationship with them
  • Better understand their challenges and their needs
  • Support them to develop their individual plans and achieve their goals

Talking with a person with disability in this way:

  • Ensures they feel heard and respected
  • Gives them a sense of control and choice
  • Builds confidence and enriches their lives
  • Enables them to identify and achieve their goals
  • Maximises opportunities for their independence and inclusion

Specialised Communications Training for You

Every person who interacts with someone who lives with disability can learn the person focussed communication skills our training offers.  

Simple to learn and really easy to put into practice, the Better Questions way of communicating with someone with disability, is already changing the lives of many, in profoundly positive ways.

Communication Training for all NDIS Roles

If your role involves talking with NDIS Participants and their families and carers, our communication training, really is a 'must do'.
Good communication skills are essential for all people providing Home Care and Supported Independent Living services as well as:

By learning our highly specialised communications training, you will have the skills to empower and support participants to achieve the best possible outcomes throughout their life.

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