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'my Wellbeing' Self Reflective Questioning Cards For Seniors


The perfect 'Self Help' resource for your elderly clients, friends or relatives!


Supporting Seniors to Make Lifestyle Choices

This colourful and easy to use pack of post card size questioning cards provides seniors with over 90 questions to help them tap into their potential and resourcefulness and confidently make decisions about how they want to live.

Topics include: To Manage Stress Better, To Find Some New Interests, To Be More Active, To Be More Independent, To Be Healthier, To Set A Goal..and more.

The pack also includes a set of questions to prepare when Visiting The Doctor and To Ask Your Health Professional

Provide the Seniors in your life with the ultimate 'Capacity Building' resource to help them confidently make the best lifestyle and wellbeing choices and support them to live more independent, happier and healthier lifestyles.


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