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The Health & Aged Care Professionals Toolkit App For Ios And Android

: $2.49

Better Questions at your Finger Tips!

Helping you to make a bigger difference in people's lives by enabling them to manage their own health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

Our Health & Aged Care Professionals Toolkit App is available on Google Play and the App Store!

Now all Health, Aged & Disability Care Professionals can use the Better Questions in this handy App to help them easily apply the Person/Patient Centred Approach and facilitate their clients/patients to be more engaged, involved and pro-active in discussions about their health and wellbeing.

Containing over 200 Better Questions divided into 5 categories:


Under each category, you can 'flip' your way through the questions and find the ones that are most applicable to the situation most relevant to your client.

As well as having a bank of extremely useful and powerful questions at your fingertips, there is also a short tutorial that provides you with some valuable tips and advice on how to ask the questions with best effect. Highlighting communication 'essentials' like the use of tone, silence, suggestions and language.

The combined Health & Aged Care Professionals Toolkit by Better Questions is the must have App for all Health & Aged Care Professionals who want to practice true Person/Patient Centered Questioning and empower people to make the health & lifestyle choices that are right for them.

For more details or to download this powerful yet simple to use Health & Aged Care Professionals Toolkit App:

CLICK HERE for Google Play (Android)
CLICK HERE for The App Store (iPhone)


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