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Caring Differently


The easy guide to 'less stress' caring.

Here at Better Questions we are proud to bring you a new resource that will enable you to be more effective in your caring role, reduce stress levels and achieve better outcomes.


Carers often take on too much responsibility, which is well intended, but creates a huge burden on the Carer resulting in them being under immense pressure and feeling worn out.

In this ‘easy read’ booklet you will discover how your style of communicating can positively influence the behaviour of the person you care for so that there is less pressure and reliance on you. By implementing the simple techniques provided you can not only reduce your stress levels, you can also achieve more positive outcomes for both you and the person you care for.

If you are a person who has responsibility for caring for another, whether that be child, an adult or an elderly person, this is a must read for you. 


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