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Better Parents Iphone App

Yes it's here! Our Better Parents Toolkit App is now available on the App Store.

: $1.99

Yes it's here! Our Better Parents Toolkit App is now available on the App Store.

100's of Better Questions for Parents at Your Fingertips!

If you want to build CONFIDENCE, RESILIENCE, RESOURCEFULNESS and DECISION MAKING ABILITY in your children...then this is THE App for you!

Suitable for use with children from as young as 2 years old, this App contains over 100 Better Questions to ask them in a variety of situations, such as - dealing with CHALLENGES, BULLYING, getting MOTIVATED, improving CONFIDENCE and many, many more!

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"The Better Questions Parent Toolkit App is so easy to use and so handy when faced with a child who is asking you for the answers all the time! The questions cover loads of topics and everyday situations so instead of having an answer for everything you now have a question for everything! - which helps your kids to work out their own solutions to their own problems. My son is really enjoying working things out for himself and seems to have a wonderful sense of achievement and confidence as a result. I'd recommend the Better Questions Parent App to all mums and dads who want to do all they can to develop confident and capable kids."
- Tracey Harper, mum to 4 year old Sean, Melbourne


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