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Better Parents Ask Better Questions Online Training Program

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Better Parents Ask Better Questions Online Training Program

Learn How to Communicate More Effectively with Your Children ....and support them to be more resilient, responsible, creative, confident, motivated and fulfilled.

Find out how by signing up today for the ‘Better Parents Ask Better Questions’ online training workshop and be amazed at the results!

Whether you’re dealing with the  ‘Terrible Two’s’ or a ‘Troubled Teenager’ this easy to follow 10 module online workshop will help transform your relationship with your kids … and everyone else in the family for that matter!

Developed for all Parents who are serious about being the best that they can be, this program will enable you to recognise unconscious patterns of advice giving and telling that may not be the best response for your kids; helping you to learn when and how to use questions that lead to positive change in your child's behaviour.

In this program you will learn:

  • How to set a conscious intention for your Parenting
  • To recognise the various Communication styles you have as a Parent
  • The benefits of choosing to be a Questioner
  • The skills to be a better listener and to ask Better Questions
  • Strategies to deal with challenging situations
  • From other Parents who have used the techniques in real case studies
  • Ideas to support you in maintaining your practice

Your Online Better Parents Training Program Outline:
There are 10 modules for completion, which will be sent to you at appropriate intervals, at a pace determined by you, to guide you through the process of learning the skill of asking Better Questions. You complete these in your own time at a time that is convenient to you knowing that online support is only an email away.
The overview for each of the modules is outlined below:

Module One: WELCOME!
Watch our welcome video and then be introduced to the power of questions. We will also share some tips as to how to get the most out of this program and guide you through getting clear about your commitments. Then you will learn about the unconscious patterns we have in our roles as parents and start to recognise the limitations and issues with only having a limited range of response options with your kids. Finally, you will undertake our ‘telling vs asking’ survey to reveal your preferred response style – often with surprising results!

In this powerful module you are provided with great insight into why the more traditional style of parenting can create issues with our kids – particularly in the longer term. You will recognise habitual unconscious responses that you make and will be inspired to change your style to start having more effective communication with your kids.

There is no doubt that as a Parent there are many times when you will and should tell. This module will clarify more about the options you have in your communication with an emphasis on inspiring you to be more of an asker and bring out the best in your children. We will also introduce you to the term ‘Potentialiser’ which will inspire you to think about broadening your parenting role.

In this module you will learn that many well intended Parents fall into the trap of ‘helping’ too much which in the long term creates children learning to become ‘victims’. We show you how to change your behaviour to avoid the trap as well as provide strategies to deal with it if it is already evident.

There are a number of essential skills and qualities that you need to be an effective questioner. In this module we provide practical insights and tips that enable you to be more effective and communicate more positively with your kids. Indeed the tips we share with you are fabulous life skills that have the potential to transform many of your relationships!

If you are serious about developing the skill to ask Better Questions and create more resourcefulness in your kids you will need to be a better listener. In this module we share some insights, tips and practical strategies to become a better listener and really make your kids feel like they have been heard and understood.

There are questions and there are questions! In this module we share with you the awareness to know what makes a question a Better Question as well as the ability to recognise what types of questions are appropriate in differing situations.

To help get you started we know that it is useful to have a structure and ideas of what questions to ask. In this module we share with you the Better Questions IASKU model of questioning that is simple and practical and you’ll be able to use immediately with great success! This model is very powerful in that it provides the structure for a questioning journey that is solution focused which creates change and gets results – sometimes which are life changing!

In this module we show you how to apply your learning in everyday practical settings and provide some suggested questions to use to build your confidence.  It’s now time to bring all of your learning together and start practicing asking those Better Questions with your kids so we will ask you to commit to practice and share your insights with us. We also provide you with some real life case studies from people who are using the techniques we teach so that you get further inspiration to support you with your learning.

We are serious about supporting you to review your practice and maintain momentum going forward. In this final module you will be provided with some self reflective questions, a simple tool to monitor your progress and some ideas about what you need to do to maintain your enthusiasm to be a Better Parent!

Your Investment:  $297 (inc $27 GST)  For a limited time only this course is available to you at the special price of $99...but be quick, we wont keep it at this price for long!

This includes:


  • All ten Modules as outlined above – you download them at a pace that suits you!
  • Ongoing priority email support – send us your questions and ideas as you complete the modules and we will provide feedback and suggestions to support you further.
  • Join our online community forums - share ideas, learning and wisdom with like minded parents.
  • Receive regular blogs and updates from our Master Potentialisers  - keeps you informed and inspired!


And ... Most importantly the ability to build some amazing skills in your kids!

Feedback from Parents who have been trained in the Better Questions technique:

“This interaction changed things considerably as my daughter was coming up with her own solutions and was thinking about things differently, which in turn meant that she was happier and so was I because I no longer had to tell a tearful child what to do all of the time!” – Child Age: 5yrs

“I was pleasantly surprised at the resourcefulness that my kids showed” – Age: Under 10yrs

“I was calm and happy and my daughter was excited that her friend was coming over to stay and magically all the things that needed to get done were done so much more efficiently and quickly than ever before! A sleepover success story that was driven by Mum staying calm and asking a Better Question!” – Child Age: 8 yrs

“The conversation finished up with my daughter thanking me for my help and stating that she felt really clear and confident about what she now needed to do. I am delighted!”-Child  Age 14yrs

“Now I always think twice about what is the best approach to take and I have realised that asking can also be a very powerful way for my son to learn” – Child Age: 6yrs

Become a Better Parent, enrol today and learn how to ask Better Questions and be amazed at the results (and bring harmony to your household!)


POTENTIALISER  -    po·ten·ti·a·li·ser
Meaning:  Releaser of amazingness in others

Join the Parenting Revolution, become a Potentialiser and bring out the Amazingness in your kids!


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$ 99.00
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Online Parenting Program  ($99.00)

I had the privilege of completing the Better Parents ask Better Questions program recently. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve and build on their relationship with their children.

It is both empowering and confronting at the same time. You find yourself questioning your parenting techniques in a positive way and it enables you to develop effective techniques that work for you.

I did not realise how much of a “teller” I was before doing this program and now it is truly amazing at times to see how creative and wise my children can be after asking them a few questions rather than freely giving my opinion.

I now see how much my children were relying on me for answers to their every query. It is tiring to always be at their beck and call. I am looking forward to enabling them to have greater independence and resilience.

Part of the program talks about listening skills, I found this really valuable as being a mum with a part time job and all the activities we do, we are extremely busy and often don’t fully listen to what our children are saying or only hear the bits we need to. It has been a wonderful exercise to just take the time to truly listen to my children and I think they genuinely appreciate this as well.

I have in no way perfected the art of being a “potentialiser”, but it has been great to start developing this technique and I can already see my children making more decisions for themselves and am so looking forward to seeing what ideas they come up with next.
Kylie Lee, Secondary Teacher and Mother of two daughters aged 9 and 12, VIC, Australia