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Better Leaders Iphone App

The "Leaders Toolkit" by Better Questions is the must have App, now available on the Apple App Store.

: $2.49

Leaders...Bring out the best in your team with the Better Questions Leaders Toolkit App

By adopting more of a questioning approach to your communication and asking Better Questions with your staff, you will be able to facilitate the release of their potential through more effective individual and team communication techniques and create a team that is more engaged, empowered and fulfilled.

Suitable for experienced leaders as well as those new to the role, this handy App contains over 130 Better Questions to ask your team members in a variety of situations, such as Better Questions to:

• challenge them to improve
• help them take responsibility
• help them manage time
• improve engagement
• help them be more resilient
• + many, many more!

Under each category, you can 'flip' your way through the questions and find the ones that are most applicable to the situation you are dealing with.

As well as having a bank of extremely useful and powerful questions at your fingertips, there is also a short tutorial that provides you with some valuable tips and advice on how to ask the questions with best effect. Highlighting communication 'essentials' like the use of tone, silence, suggestions and language.

The "Leaders Toolkit" by Better Questions is the must have App for all Leaders, Managers, Supervisors and those looking to move into a leadership role, who want to create cohesive, engaged, high performing and HAPPY teams.

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