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Better Leaders Ask Better Questions

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Better Leaders Ask Better Questions
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Better Leaders Ask Better Questions

Join the Leadership Revolution! Transform your relationships with your team, bring out their potential and increase productivity! The 'must have' handbook for today's Leaders. Learn how to become a 'Potentialiser' and bring out the 'Amazingness' in your team!

Join the new breed of leaders....
become a “Potentialiser”

POTENTIALISER - potentialiser
Meaning: Releaser of amazingness in others

Your team have more potential than you realise and the chances are that your current management style may be preventing this potential to ever come to the surface through one unconscious act....“Telling”!

In this book you will discover how changing your approach by doing less telling and instead, asking Better Questions you will become a “POTENTIALISER” and release the potential of your people and create a team that are more engaged, empowered and fulfilled.

Suitable for Leaders at all levels, this book will enhance your leadership style by learning:

  • How telling can be an inhibitor of potential
  • How you need to redefine your role by changing your mindset
  • Why Better Questions are so powerful
  • How to ask Better Questions and release the potential in your team

Some comments from people that have been trained to be “Potentialisers”:

“I have been amazed that such a simple concept can lead to all sorts of wonderful outcomes”

“At times being so busy it is quicker and easier to give the answer, but I have found that by taking the time to ask questions instead of telling, people have the opportunity to shine... they amaze me and themselves!”

“Since changing my approach to asking rather than telling I have been really quite amazed by the changes in my team, they seem more committed to their work and even happier in their roles!”

All the books in the 'Better Questions' series have been written to appeal to specific sectors and markets with the language, examples and scenarios tailored to meet the needs of, and relate to, the readers in each sector. However, it should be noted that the core messages and the Better Questions communication model, is the same throughout the series.

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It's so refreshing to read a book that provides such wise and practical insights into how leaders can truly engage with their team through the simple, yet skilful art of asking better questions. The thought of a workplace filled with empowered team members fulfilling their potential is an exciting concept and so achievable when leaders embed the practice of quality questioning. Thank you Lindsay for providing the inspiration for leaders to transform into potentialisers.
Angela Commane, Senior Consultant People and Culture | Human Resources | Barwon Health, VIC

Yet another amazing piece of work from Lindsay Tighe. This book constantly reiterates the need to continue to be a better leader and ask more questions. It is so easy to slip back into a telling style of management. It is a challenge to constantly ask not tell when we are time poor and projects time critical, however asking sets you free. Well done Lindsay another inspiring read.
Karen Hill Strategic Projects Manager