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Better Youth Workers

We recognise that Youth Workers play an essential role in our communities and provide invaluable support to young people so they can better handle, what can often be, a very challenging time of their lives.

The Better Questions Workshop for Youth Workers is an effective communications training program designed to provide Youth Workers with a powerful, solution focussed communications tool that enables them to “consciously question” and facilitate change with an emphasis on helping an individual to be empowered, enabled, responsible and to find their own effective solutions.

Based on the same principles used by Psychologists, the Better Questions technique is a ‘person centred’ and solution oriented communications model. Designed so that you are able to focus on each individual and facilitate their ability to identify their own situation and challenges, articulate their thoughts and feelings, gain understanding and go on to find their own solutions.

Helping young people resolve their own issues is extremely empowering and the technique can be used in a multitude of scenarios, such as: - Being BULLIED, improving CONFIDENCE, making FRIENDSHIPS, dealing with NEGATIVE EMOTIONS, low SELF ESTEEM issues, making BETTER DECISIONS, THINKING THROUGH the CONSEQUENCES and many, many more!

When utilised in one- to-one conversations people experience a real sense of being ‘truly heard’ and respected and is therefore extremely effective for demonstrating empathy and building trust when talking with young people.

The technique can be applied in many contexts and is also extremely useful for Youth Workers when communicating with both colleagues and families, helping with workplace and family management aspects of their roles.

As well as providing training to Youth Workers in the Better Questions communication technique, we also offer ‘Train the Trainer’ programs to enable suitably qualified Youth Workers to license and deliver two programs we have developed specifically for young people:

The Better Me workshop is a program that has been developed for professionals working with young people to deliver in a group setting, aimed at developing life skills in young people so that they can use a self questioning approach to find answers to their challenges which will develop more resourcefulness, confidence, decision making capability, emotional intelligence and resilience.

The Better You workshop is designed to equip young people with the ability to respond to their peers/friends when they are facing issues by asking Better Questions. We know that teenagers want to be heard rather than have their problems fixed and the Better Questions communication technique provides young people with the skills to demonstrate effective listening and questioning which helps build capability in the person facing the issue.

For more details or to enquire about having a Better Questions workshop delivered at your workplace click here, email or call us on 1300 695 377

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Testimonials from Youth Workers

"A big THANKYOU for your Better Questions workshop. All the feedback I have received has been nothing but positive. Hats off to you. Everyone was really impressed with the workshop and took a great interest in the App. Many thanks again; it was fantastic."
Andrew Joseph,  Team Leader, Youth Services, Mornington Peninsula Shire

"Your training was fantastic. I can’t believe how much I have already used the better questions technique. I used it right away immediately after the training during a client assessment and it was so rewarding. I have used it in supervision with a youth worker with success and have even used certain aspects with my 2 year old son already."
Steven Theoclitou, Youth Work Coordinator - Kingston Youth & Family Services

”I have really enjoyed the time we have spent working together – I’m a huge fan of your program/life philosophy!!! I have been using Better Questions not only with my clients but also on myself.”
Kate McNeilly, Psychologist - Youth and Family Counsellor

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