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Better You

So many people are seeking answers to many questions: How can I be happy? How can I make more money? What is my passion or purpose? How can I get/have/be/achieve etc.... but most of us look in the wrong place and wonder why we don't feel better or why the answer didn't solve the problem.

When it comes to finding answers to the questions we have about our own lives there is one person who is best placed to answer them – YOU!

Here at Better Questions we are passionate about helping people to trust in their innate wisdom or their ‘inner knowing’ to find the answers they are searching for. So, instead of asking others or searching on the Internet for self help or personal development advice and guidance, we have developed some self help resources to help people learn the skill of self reflective questioning.

The Better Questions technique is a simple to learn and easy to use, self reflective questioning framework that can help you to:

•    Gain clarity around challenges
•    Identify ideal outcomes and set goals
•    Develop insight into self limiting beliefs and blocks
•    Reframe your thinking
•    Explore potential solutions
•    Define clear action steps to help you achieve your goals
•    Review progress and stay on track

You can start asking yourself Better Questions today by purchasing our empowering and thought provoking book or ebook ‘The ANSWER – Improve your life by Asking Better Questions’. The ANSWER - Improve Your Life by Asking Better Questions



Emodules for a Better You, covering a whole range of personal development topics are also available for immediate purchase and download here


In addition you can buy these beautifully designed pack of Coaching Cards here to help you get better answers and choose a more fulfilled and meaningful life. 
CHOOSE YOUR LIFE! Self Coaching Cards
“The cards are fantastic... got me pondering on the questions already - it really shakes you up!”

“These cards are beautiful!...I love them because they are so different to just a book of quotes or a tarot deck - they make you come up with the answers...they are a happy, inspirational combination! Anyway just wanted to let you know how fantastic I think they are and I trust they'll reach many people”

“I flip a new one over every day to be "thoughtfully" inspired!”

“Since purchasing your cards, they have helped me work through some of the more difficult experiences I have had over the last couple of weeks.”

“The cards create a journey of self discovery in coming to an answer”

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"I have really enjoyed the time we have spent working together – I’m a huge fan of your program/life philosophy!!! I have been using Better Questions not only with my clients but also on myself.” - Kate McNeilly, Psychologist - Youth and Family Counsellor

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