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Better Teens

Welcome to the Better Teenagers section of our website. We know that Teenage life can be tough at times; with so many life-changing decisions to be made, it can feel stressful and overwhelming but help is at hand here at Better Questions!

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At a time of rapid growth and change – physically, mentally and socially, teenagers can often find this period in their life quite challenging and sometimes even scary.

Having to make early decisions about school subjects, study and careers can create a lot of pressure...add that to other troubles a teen can often be facing ie. Peer pressure, bullying, body image concerns, family conflicts, financial issues as well as global and environmental issues – it isn’t surprising that teens can feel overwhelmed and freaked out!

It is also a time when teens feel like their parents ‘don’t get them’ and communication with parents and other family members can breakdown and relationships become fraught. Recognising this, we have developed a number of resources and training programs to assist young people to navigate their way through their teenage problems and develop essential skills to support themselves and each other to help them handle life’s challenges with confidence.

Better Questions iPhone App for Teens

The Better Questions iPhone App for Teens has over 150 self reflective style questions and can be really effective in helping young people to reframe their thinking and to find their own solutions to issues and situations that they are likely to be facing e.g. - handling PEER PRESSURE, EXAM STRESS, RELATIONSHIP ISSUES, making CAREER CHOICES, making BETTER DECISIONS, THINKING THROUGH the CONSEQUENCES etc. For more details or to download the Better Questions iPhone App for Teens click here

Better Questions Workshops for Teens

The Better Me workshop is a program that has been developed for professionals working with young people to deliver in a group setting, aimed at developing life skills in young people so that they can use a self questioning approach to find answers to their challenges which will develop more resourcefulness, confidence, decision making capability, emotional intelligence and resilience.

The Better You workshop is designed to equip young people with the ability to respond to their peers/friends when they are facing issues by asking Better Questions. We know that teenagers want to be heard rather than have their problems fixed and the Better Questions communication technique provides young people with the skills to demonstrate effective listening and questioning which helps build capability in the person facing the issue.

These workshops train teenagers and young people in the essential leadership and life skills that they need during this transitional period in their lives.

If you are interested in (your teen) attending one of these workshops please enquire here, email or call us on 1300 695 377

Teens can also find support from other teens as well as professionals on our Better Teenagers community forum - you can join up here.

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