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The scope of the role of teachers and early childhood educators is always evolving and whilst traditional teaching methods will always have a place in education, there is no doubt that finding effective ways to communicate with children and students gets more and more challenging.

The Better Questions communications technique is based on psychological theory and utilises a positive psychology, strengths and solution focused methodology that enables Teachers and Early Childhood Professionals to communicate more effectively not only with children and students, but also with colleagues, parents and families they interact with.

Person centred and solution oriented, the Better Questions communication technique is designed so that you are able to focus on each child and facilitate their ability to identify their own situation and challenges, articulate their thoughts and feelings around this, gain understanding and go on to find their own solutions.

Helping children resolve their own issues is extremely empowering and the technique can be used in a multitude of scenarios children typically face, such as: - Being BULLIED, improving CONFIDENCE, making FRIENDSHIPS, dealing with EMOTIONS, making CAREER CHOICES, SELF ESTEEM issues, handling PEER PRESSURE and many, many more!

The Better Questions communication model is psychologist endorsed and can be used with children of all ages and is extremely powerful in bringing about responsibility, resourcefulness, creativity, resilience and self-reliance.

The technique can be applied in many contexts and is also extremely useful for teachers when communicating with both colleagues and families, helping with classroom and family management aspects of their roles.

The Better Questions communications workshop for Teachers and Early Childhood Professionals is available as an in-house workshop. For more details or to enquire about a workshop at your workplace click here, email or call us on 1300 695 377

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Comments from Teachers who have been trained in the Better Questions communication skills program:

"Our entire staff recently participated in the professional learning program, “Better Teachers Ask Better Questions”. The presenters, Lindsay and Marg, were passionate, positive and knowledgeable. The day was well organized and included numerous research and evidence based 'immediately usable' strategies and valuable ideas. The strategies and ideas were presented to us in an entertaining and often humorous manner. The professional learning really got the staff engaged.  It provided opportunities for reflection, exposed us to new learnings and gave us the opportunity to both hone existing skills and to practice newly acquired skills.  It was an enormously productive day that energized and excited staff – from graduate teachers through to members of the principal class. It has been impressive to see the learning transferred on multiple occasions to a wide variety of situations including classrooms, meetings, staff selection processes, conversations with parents and informal collegiate discussions. The whole school staff professional learning activity was enormously beneficial and we are planning on continuing our training with Better Questions next year as we continue on our journey towards enhancing our performance and development culture and providing the best possible teaching and learning environment for all members of our school community.
Sue Jones, Principal, Cranbourne Park Primary School.

"Dandenong North Primary School has been the beneficiary of a professional development partnership with Inspirational Coaching/Better Questions for more than two years. During the last two years, they have provided training programs that have upskilled 45 teachers to effectively use their questioning model. Their facilitator, Vanessa Parsons, has worked closely with the Leadership team to ensure that the staff who participate in the training programs are provided with a personalised and relevant program. The feedback from the training cohorts has invariably been that the programs have exceeded individual expectations and, often, that the program itself has been one of the best professional development experiences they have ever undertaken. I am delighted with the outcomes of the investment we have made in coaching and would want you to pass on my gratitude for contributing to the capacity development of our staff."
Kevin Mackay B.Sp.Ed.,  F.A.C.E
Principal, Dandenong North Primary School

On Friday 17th May 2013, Kevins Team was presented with the School Leadership Team of the Year at the Victorian Excellence Education Award presented by the Secretary of DEECD
"The staff and parents at Glen Waverley Primary School have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay and Vanessa from Better Questions are the Answers as they implemented a very comprehensive questioning professional learning program. The program for the staff ran for three weeks where we explored, learnt and developed the skills to ask better questions with one another, our families and most importantly, to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for the students.  Vanessa also ran a session for our school community with approximately 65 parents in attendance. The session was extremely informative and the feedback from our families was exceptionally positive. I have since asked a number of parents whether they are utilising the Better Questioning technique and if it is making a difference to their parenting; all of whom have replied, “Yes and very much so!”  I have no hesitation in recommending Better Questions are the Answers to schools, businesses and any organisation!"
Frank Catalano, Principal, Glen Waverley Primary School

"We were lucky enough for our whole staff to attend a Better Questions PD facilitated by Lindsay Tighe. We believed that correctly asked questions can deliver a better more a more considered response in enhancing teacher practice. Delivering feedback can be challenging but up-skilling staff to ask better questions is non threatening, non judgmental but also engages both the observer and the practicing teacher. We have used effective questions in our learning walks and we have no hesitation is recommending this professional development opportunity to any school wanting to further develop effective teams and teacher practice."
Rohan Thompson PRINCIPAL  Tecoma Primary School

"Lindsay presented an amazing session on “Better Questions” for our Children’s Services. While the team totally enjoyed Lindsay’s presentation, particularly her warmth and humour, it was her challenge to us to think about our questioning and listening that resonated the most. Since the session our questioning has been more thoughtful and our capacity to really hear someone else’s story (without jumping in with our own story!) has helped us in our relationships with our colleagues, the children and their families. We are on our potentialising journey……"
Robyn Daff, Team Leader Long Day Care & Family Day Care, City of Kingston

"Thank you very much for the Better Questions session yesterday. It was definitely thought provoking and filled with great verbal models for educators to take away with them as a tool and a positive change in attitude will come with practise. It was a pleasure having you in the Centre. You have definitely set us up for a successful year."
Tatyana Skorkina, Director, Fawkner Park Children's Centre Co-operative

"Thank you for a fantastic day yesterday when you delivered your Better Questions workshop. Everyone really enjoyed the day and this morning we had a short reflection on people’s thoughts of the day and everything was very positive. We look forward to keeping in touch to help us refine our practice."
Ruth Rampling, Principal, Beechworth Primary School

"I attended the ‘Better Questions’ workshop with my team as part of my professional development as an Educational Leader in a Local Government child care centre.  I found the workshop to be inspiring and motivating not only for myself but also my colleagues. The workshop is a fun and informative and gives you the tools you need to unlock the full potential of people you interact with. I highly recommend the ‘Better Questions' workshop for anyone who wishes to release potential and get the best out of the children, families and colleagues that they work with."
Emilea DeMamiel, Educational Leader, City Of Kingston Child Care Centre.

"I have had the pleasure of participating in the Better Questions workshop on more than one occasion. The last workshop was held with our staff team who are faced with many challenges on a daily basis. In particular I would recommend the Better questions workshop to early childhood educators as it supports critical reflection which is an important component of an Early Childhood Educators practice. The workshop has provided us all with strategies and the confidence to ask better open ended questions – it was an empowering and fun professional development session."
Jane Spencer, CEO, Community Kinders Plus

"I have learnt to assume people/children do know the answer most often, and it is just a matter of using questions to get the answers out of them. Open questions are more stimulating, informative, empowering and useful to promote self discovery" Primary School Teacher, VIC

Contact us today on 1300 695 377 or to find out more about the flexible options to deliver this inspiring program at your school.

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