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Better Questions For These Challenging Times

Recognising that our thinking creates our reality, when challenging times are evident, we need to do all we can to manage our thinking and create the best experience that we can for ourselves.

With this in mind I have provided some Better Questions that I hope will enable you and your families to manage these challenging times in the most effective way.

The sensible question
Based on the most up to date advice, what do I need to do to keep myself and my loved ones healthy?

The self-management question
What do I need to enable me to stay as optimistic as possible?

The challenging question
What positives can I take out of this?

The calming question
What do I need to do to create a sense of calm for me and my loved ones?

The compassionate question
What can I do for other people so that they feel supported and are OK?

Thank you for taking the time to ask yourself these Better Questions – please feel free to forward them to others so that we all do what we can to support each other to manage these challenging times.

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