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Better Parents

Description: potentialiser Mum.png Better Parents Ask Better Questions is a psychologist endorsed parents communication training program that is one of the most successful parenting training resources within Australia....and it came about more by ‘organic’ means rather than by strategic planning!

This happened as a result of receiving countless comments and testimonials from participants of our Better Questions communications workshops who, even though they had learned the communications technique in the context of their workplace role, had practiced the technique afterwards at home and observed remarkable and positive changes in their children’s behaviour (some as young as 2 years old) and improved family dynamics.

So encouraged by these testimonials, we developed the Better Parents Ask Better Questions communications training program to provide parents with a much needed communications technique to help them practice positive parenting skills.

The Better Questions technique is a strengths based, ‘person centred’ communications model that provides children with an opportunity to feel ‘truly heard’ and feel respected.

Solution oriented, the technique is designed so that you are able to focus on each child to facilitate their ability to identify their own situation and challenges, articulate their thoughts and feelings around this, gain understanding and go on to find their own solutions.

One of the reasons for the success of the Better Questions parents training program is due to it being so EASY TO LEARN and so SIMPLE TO APPLY.  And once learned, the same technique can be used in a myriad of typical parenting scenarios including helping your children with issues such as BULLYING, dealing with CHALLENGES, getting MOTIVATED, improving CONFIDENCE and many, many more - making it the ultimate practical parenting communication technique.

Whether you have toddlers or teens, the Better Questions communication training program will help you to establish improved relationships, with less conflict, greater understanding and more harmonious interactions with your children.

Available as an online course as well as a workshop, the Better Parents Ask Better Questions training is the parenting program of choice for all parents who want to improve communication between themselves and their children, learn more about their children’s capabilities and support their children to become more resourceful, more resilient and, ultimately, more confident people.

We also have a range of products to support the training program helping parents to apply the Better Questions communication skill in a variety of everyday parenting scenarios in a very practical and easy way. These include the Better Parents Ask Better Questions iphone App, Book, ebook and emodules.

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Case Study

Parent: Nathan
Child: Tom , 5 years Old

Tom my 5 year old my son had been displaying some behavioural issues -tiredness, grumpiness, anger, attitude to name a few. As this had a big impact on everyone in the household I decided to try out the Better Questions technique.

At an appropriate context and time, I started the questioning process and it went something like this:

“What’s going on Tom”?
Not surprisingly he responded with “what do you mean”?
I said “can we talk about things in your day/week”?
Tom said “I’m just sick of everyone telling me what to do all the time”?
I then asked, “Ok if there is one thing for Tom right now that you’re sick of being told to do, what is it?
Tom said “Getting dressed for school”
I asked “How can you make it easier for yourself to get dressed for school?
Tom replied, “I don’t know”.
I asked again, “if we tried together, how could we make it better together?
Tom, “well we could put my clothes out the night before”

I followed with more questioning to probe for more options, I tried always to remain empathetic.

He suggested getting dressed just before school or after breakfast and getting some help to get dressed as some examples.

He decided it was best to get dressed for school first thing after he got up in the morning, we agreed to help with dressing him with one item (socks) and he agreed to dress himself the rest. Again we came to this agreement through questioning of how it can be made easier.

He decided it was best to stick to this plan via a weekly chart (something he learnt from the approach of his school teacher) with ticks for getting dressed and crosses for not. We didn’t agree to any outcome for getting through a week with only ticks but as the week panned out we decided to reward him with a school canteen lunch.


"The staff and parents at Glen Waverley Primary School have had the pleasure of working with Lindsay and Vanessa from Better Questions are the Answers as they implemented a very comprehensive questioning professional learning program. The program for the staff ran for three weeks where we explored, learnt and developed the skills to ask better questions with one another, our families and most importantly, to enhance the learning outcomes and opportunities for the students.  Vanessa also ran a session for our school community with approximately 65 parents in attendance. The session was extremely informative and the feedback from our families was exceptionally positive. I have since asked a number of parents whether they are utilising the Better Questioning technique and if it is making a difference to their parenting; all of whom have replied, “Yes and very much so!”  I have no hesitation in recommending Better Questions are the Answers to schools, businesses and any organisation!"
Frank Catalano, Principal, Glen Waverley Primary School


"An enormous thanks for the amazing power of your “Better Questions” which have created quieter calm within the home as I continue to bite my tongue and work on being a “Potentializer” with my seven your old and 3 year old. (wish I knew about this book from when my son was about 2 – it might of taught me to shut my mouth sooner and let him make choices and think more independently!)  I have definitely seen the difference over the past few months as we are now providing more choices and allowing him to have more roles and responsibilities.  The pride in his little face when we asked him would he like to cook his own toast!  I pray that is not too late to ensure that we can convert ourselves to treat them both with more respect (and to NOT be that dependant daughter at 21 that you mentioned at our conference this year) 
Thanks again in advance, I am going to download the app, I have finally bought an Itunes card and have just bought your Leadership book – hope its as good as the one for parents!"
Tania,  mother of two.


"Thank you Lindsay for the opportunity to attend your workshop on Better Questions. As a mother of a 15 yo male, 14 yo female and 10 yo male, I found your book and workshop to be extremely resourceful and opportune. Your evening highlighted a different way to handle topics that have been engrained in the way I have always perceived was the right way to parent.  You showed me that there are other options, more positive and rewarding for both the parent and the child. Having the immediate opportunity to put into practice what I had learned I was amazed at how co-operative and positive my children were with how I went about raising and solving our current issues."
Fiona Clark, VIC

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a great session recently at the "Better parents ask better questions" event! Having been to many parenting seminars, both on a professional and also on a personal level, I found this session to be extremely informative, getting the most out of a conversation with my children (one of which is 11 and mildly aspergers) and exploring common issues when it comes to communicating with my children.  I have begun using some of the techniques discussed already and noticed quite a difference in the improvement when talking to my children. Thank you again, your presentation was very friendly and professional, I loved the relaxed atmosphere you created, overall a very pleasant evening.  As a busy mum (as I'm sure everyone was in the group) our time is precious and it was nice to spend it so productively!  I will be definitely be recommending you to my friends!"
Michelle Fiddian, Director, Little Aid, Author of upcoming book, "First Year First Aid"                                           

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