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In his book Coaching for Performance, John Whitmore shares that in a typical workplace up to 60% of people’s potential does not get used. Whilst there are a number of contributing factors to this, one of the biggest inhibitors to people fulfilling their potential is the Leadership style and practices used, particularly with regard to their communication.

The premise for our Better Questions training is that Leaders spend too much time telling others what to do and unknowingly prevent them from being resourceful. Workplace cultures that do not facilitate people finding the answers for themselves can be stifling and toxic to work in, leading to disengaged and underperforming staff who are inhibited in performing at their best.

The Better Questions communication technique helps Leaders improve their interpersonal skills by providing them with a communication ‘framework’ which helps them to have more awareness and structure in conversations with their team members and colleagues.

Our simple to learn and easy to apply Better Questions communications model is ‘Person Centred’ which means it is an extremely effective technique for Leaders to utilise in one-on-one discussions, helping individuals to tap into their own potential and resourcefulness. Utilising this approach results in team members ‘stepping up’, taking more responsibility, becoming more independent and feeling more valued, engaged, and respected in the process.

Also, ‘solution focused’ the Better Questions communications technique is an exceptional Leadership tool for helping to resolve conflict, misunderstandings and negative emotions in the workplace. It is also an extremely useful technique for managing people through change. 

Once learned, Leaders can be confident when conducting performance reviews or when dealing with ‘sensitive’ staff problems as well as managing workplace issues such as bullying, under-performance and negativity.

Leaders who have learned and applied the Better Questions technique tell us how it has alleviated their workload too as team members start to take initiative, find their own solutions and require less micro management, whilst ultimately achieving more.

The Better Questions communication training for Leaders is a leadership development tool that brings about a win-win solution for all; providing Leaders with the skills needed to engage their teams, create a better culture and improve performance.

To learn the skill of asking Better Questions, click here to attend one of our Better Questions public workshops or alternatively, if you would like to talk to us about running an in-house workshop for your organisation enquire here, or email info@betterquestions, or call us on 1300 695 377

In addition to our Better Questions communications workshops we offer a whole range of learning resources in our Leaders Products section where you can purchase books, ebooks and other resources (including our Leaders iPhone App!) to support you in your learning of the Better Questions Leaders communications technique.

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What Some of Our Clients Have to Say About the Better Leaders Training Program:

"Thank you very much for nominating Baw Baw Shire Council to trial the Better Questions for leaders coaching tool. I have trialled it with several of our managers and the feedback has been great. The tool is accessible and a great comfort to those leaders looking to refine better ways to achieve better outcomes by asking better questions. This will no doubt form a core tool of our coaches tool box and we look forward to using it as part of our everyday business."
Andrew Mifsud, Manager Human Resources, Baw Baw Shire Council

“You won’t believe how many times I have used the Better Questions model this past week already !!! It definitely works!”
Carla Jewell, Nurse Unit Manager - Specialist Outpatient Clinics, Goulburn Valley Health

"As the saying goes …the world is your oyster and you have given me an opportunity to be a better leader and to improve team performance! So thank you! I would love to sit through that session all over again. …however that can’t happen so I’ll just reflect , read your book and practice. I loved all your little stories yesterday it really helped to put things into context. You are a very inspiring speaker."
Julie Berkec - RTW / WorkCover Officer, City Of Casey Council, VIC

"Thank you for a wonderful Better Leaders Ask Better Questions training session. I have found myself listening more to others and keeping my own stories at the back of mind as I was very guilty of matching story for story and I now ask the right questions whenever appropriate. You are very inspirational Lindsay and I look forward to attending many more sessions with you in the future".
Team Leader, Local Council, VIC

"Just thought I'd drop a line about the "Better Questions Workshop for Managers and Team Leaders" seminar I attended on Wednesday. The session was run by Lindsay Tighe and I have to say that the session was very informative and Lindsay was an awesome presenter. A very impressive person."
Justin Wigg, DWS Business Solutions

“The Better Leaders Ask Better Questions workshop was very thought provoking and has provided me with some useful tips and strategies. Thank you!”
Damien Pagnin, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Yarra City Council

"Lindsay has a wonderful manner about her which makes her engaging and easy to listen to. As she didn’t use overheads I found it much easier to concentrate and take in the messages she was conveying. I realised on Friday that I have never used a questioning approach properly before, but now that I have attended Lindsay’s workshop, I know the simple practical skills and will be able to better support my staff into being what they want to be…"
Coordinator, Local Council, VIC

"I have regular catch ups with my staff and now that I have this skill I will be able to get better results from them and I will become a better leader. Hopefully along the way they will become a little more enlightened about the impact they have within the team and how they can improve the things they are unhappy about".
Manager, Local Council, VIC

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