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Better Health & Wellbeing Professionals

We train Health & Wellbeing Professionals in the Better Questions communications methodology so they can practice person/patient focussed care. This builds capacity and enables self management in clients to help improve their wellbeing and create less dependence on services.

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Communication with patients has changed in many ways over the years with patients today being ‘health consumers’ and wanting to be active participants in the decisions being made about their health and wellbeing. Patients want more and better information about their problem so they can be more empowered to work out what they can do for themselves.

Several studies and reviews clearly show that improved patient communication tends to increase patient involvement and adherence to recommended therapy, influence patient satisfaction, adherence, health care utilisation, and improve quality of care and health outcomes.

The Better Questions training for Health and Wellbeing professionals offers highly effective communication strategies and practical tips that will enable you to enhance your communication skills and professional practice.

The Better Questions communication technique is a simple to apply, yet extremely effective framework that provides practitioners with a communications tool that can help them to develop good interpersonal relationships, facilitate exchange of information, and most importantly, include patients in decision making.

The communication technique is also extremely useful for Health and Wellbeing professionals when communicating with colleagues, allied health professionals, families, carers and all people involved in a patients care program.

Using the Better Questions communication technique with your patients or clients will lead to them being more engaged, motivated for self-care and less dependent upon services.

To learn the skill of asking Better Questions, click here to attend one of our Better Questions public workshops or alternatively, if you would like to talk to us about running an in-house workshop for your organisation you can enquire here, email or call us on 1300 695 377

In addition to our Better Questions communications workshops we offer a whole range of learning resources in our Health & Wellbeing Products Section where you can purchase books, e-books and other resources to support you in your learning of the Better Questions communications technique.

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Dr. Peter Pronovost: Listen More, Talk Less

"Doctors need to listen more and talk less. When meeting with patients, doctors shouldn't interrupt or dominate the conversation. Instead, doctors should ask open-ended questions to encourage each patient to describe his or her feelings and concerns about their illness. When doctors take the time to listen, the treatment decisions and care plans that they develop will better reflect their patients' wishes; in turn, those plans are more likely to be followed by patients.”

Dr. Peter Pronovost is a practicing anesthesiologist, critical-care physician, professor, Johns Hopkins Medicine senior vice president and director of the Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. (Source: Wall Street Journal Online April 2013)


Testimonials and Comments from Some of our Health & Wellbeing Clients:

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in one of the most informative and useful workshops that I have attended in my many years of professional experience as a social worker in the public health, private and now community sector. While the workshop material clearly drew on aspects of various therapeutic modalities, I felt that it was pitched at an appropriate level for a mixed audience who were all well versed in eliciting information from consumers in the form of a face to face assessment. The presenter Lindsay Tighe delivered the material expertly, with tireless energy, humour and enthusiasm – all of which highlighted her incredible passion for, and enjoyment, of working with individuals in order to capture an honest reflection of their need and circumstance. The Better Questions model encouraged a more qualitative, holistic process to facilitate such an assessment and has reinvigorated the way that I will conduct my assessments in the future. A very useful tool indeed"
Gabby Hanson B.A., BSW, M.A.A.S.W., V.M.H.S.W., V.A.F.T., Cert Psychotherapy & Counselling. Assessment Officer, Aged and Disability Services, Home and Community Care, Mornington Peninsula Shire

"Hi Lindsay, Thank you so much – I have had so much positive feedback from so many staff, who have all said not only how useful the new skills will be in the workplace but also in daily life!" 
Brenda Elliott -Physiotherapy Department Head, Nepean Hospital

“You won’t believe how many times I have used the Better Questions model this past week already !!!. It definitely works!”
Carla Jewell, NUM - Specialist Outpatient Clinics, Goulburn Valley Health

"Our work with Lindsay Tighe at “Ask Better Questions” aimed to provide workshops for health care workers to promote self-management. We were thrilled when the workshops were fully subscribed for the first 12 months. That was beyond our expectations in terms of providing training opportunities. What we appreciate most about working with Lindsay is her authenticity & her ability to connect with different people at the workshops and consistently deliver above and beyond expectations. The offer of further support via email or telephone after attending the workshops is an excellent example of her belief in the methodology and her work ethic"
Helen Sinnott Manager Australian Disease Management Association (ADMA) Caulfield Hospital, Caulfield, Victoria
"I can hardly believe the impact your Better Questions workshop has had on me and the changes that have already occurred in my work practices since my attendance. l have been telling everyone about it and have given your details to them so they can check out the website.  Thanks again for a great day."
Victoria Busch, Community Cancer Care Coordinator, Gosford Hospital NSW

"Thank you for your presentation on ‘Asking Better Questions’ presented to our Maternal and Child Health team.  The information presented was informative and interactive, with opportunities to seek clarification as needed.  The team has noted that the presentation has assisted their daily practice, and refreshed our listening skills and asking of better questions.  Well done Lindsay on your passionate presentation of such a valuable life skill.” 
Sal Johnston, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, City of Boroondara
"Our region decided to engage Better Questions on the recommendation of nurses from RDNS Melbourne. We were looking for training which would assist nurses in our region to move from solving problems for their clients to enabling clients to work out solutions for themselves and then assisting as their nursing skills were required. So that nurses could see what the Better Questions skills would mean to them we asked Lindsay from Better Questions to present at the annual regional forum. The effect was a very strong positive "Where can we get more of this?". We have since engaged her to present workshops to the regions nurses and have had an overwhelmingly positive response."
Grace Bryden Active Service Model (HACC) consultant Dept of Health Vic, Ballarat

“Thank you for being such a fabulous facilitator -  I really enjoyed your Better Questions training. You made the day very comfortable and usable. I have been giving the course a lot of thought and can see lots of practical ways I can put the learning to good use. Thanks also for the book – it will be a great resource going forward.”
Suzanne McNaught Child family & Community, Maternal & Child Health Coordinator (Acting),  Stonington City Council

"Just a short note to say thank-you for the training you ran for Scope Therapy Team Southern Region on “Asking Better Questions” The session was engaging and informative. Staff feedback after the session focused on how valuable it was to reflect on their practise and the impact of how “asking Better Questions” could enhance their work with families, peers and colleagues. A highly valuable session!"
Roxanne Higgins, Manager Therapy Psychology and Related Services, SCOPE

“What an inspiring program!  This wonderful workshop enables one to realise that by stepping back you enable and empower your clients to take more control of their own health.  I highly recommend that all health and wellbeing practitioners learn these skills as we all need to consistently reflect on and improve our practice and tap in to the potential of others”. 
Rhonda Hinds, Registered Nurse, Community Nursing, Victoria, Australia

"The team got a great deal out of the training.  They were practising their questioning on me when they arrived back!!  Thank you for taking them on the journey. It makes such a difference when a team has good questioning capacity – they can be conscious of what they’re doing and others around them. As you know I believe this type of training is essential!"
Rosie Rowe, Director, Primary and Preventative Health, Western District Health Service

"The Hume Region have provided our Nursing, Assessment, Allied Health and Direct Care Staff with Better Questions training over the last 2 years. Better Questions provides a person centred approach to working with clients and engaging them in the process of thinking about what is important to them. This training has transferred easily across all disciplines and has provided a deeper understanding of the importance of 'talking with' a client instead of 'telling' the client what is best for them. The training has also provided consistent processes to support practitioners in developing person centred goal directed care plans. Lindsay and Margaret are both engaging and thoughtful in their approach and our HACC workforce have left sessions enthused and empowered."
Beth Dawson, HACC ASM Industry Consultant Hume Region

"Thank you very much for the inspiring and informative session on Asking Better Questions. The feedback from the session was excellent, therefore highly valued by the team. Even more importantly I regularly hear team members talking about how they incorporate what they learnt into their everyday MCH practice. My colleagues within Family and Children’s Services have also shown a keen interest. I believe the principals learnt can be applied to any professional or personal setting. Thank you once again, l look forward to working with you again in 
the future"
Ann Burke, Coordinator Maternal & Child Health, Knox City Council, VIC

"Thanks you so much for your wonderful presentation.  The feedback from the nurses was very positive.  They found your presentation engaging, informative, inspiring and a "lot of fun"! I was impressed that you managed to keep the group so well engaged for the afternoon, (no mean feat with a bunch of nurses especially following on from lunch and a very full morning of presentations).  It was not surprising to me that our Enhanced MCH nurse found it particularly helpful to her practice working with our more vulnerable clients. She found the afternoon very thought provoking"
Vicki Middleton, Team Leader, Maternal and Child Health Service, Maroondah City Council, VIC

"Thank you Lindsay for delivering the Better Questions workshop to the Maternal & Child Health nurses at the Shire of Yarra Ranges. We found the session very thought provoking and it was an excellent reminder to those of us that slip back into old habits. We look forward to keeping in touch"
Jenny Fisher, Maternal & Child Health Coordinator, Shire of Yarra Ranges

“Thank you for a fabulous training morning. It was great to openly explore and actively think about how we communicate with families, in a safe, fun environment. The team and myself are looking forward to our follow up session!”
Kim Howland,  Coordinator Maternal and Child Health and Immunisation Services , Bayside City Council

"I was blown away with the Better Questions training held in Hamilton Vic. I strongly recommend any health/aged care professionals to complete this invaluable training. I have found this training to be beneficial both in the workplace and in my own life talking and liaising with others, co-workers, family. Lindsay’s enthusiasm and passion for the training is infectious, which made the training delivered in a fun and practical application. Thank you Lindsay for your hard work, dedication, passion your enthusiasm shines through."
Megan Sonego, Welfare Worker, Lyndoch Living

"Just want to thank you for organising such a motivating speaker last night. Lindsay was very engaging and very humbling to listen to. It would be great to invite her next year and have a weekend or a weekend day as there is more to hear and learn from such an inspiring speaker. She is full of humility and highly emotive person and she had so much to share and very personable and touched a sensitive cord in the audience. Thanks once again."
Amanda, GP, NSW

Being a nurse for over 20 years, I often find in service training being more revision than really learning much new info. However, with your course it was so refreshing to learn new life skills which can be applied to all situations. Thanks for providing me with a new communication tool to use.
Adele, Community Nurse, Melbourne