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Better Aged Care & Disability Support Professionals

Description: potentialiser man aged care.pngWe know that working in the Aged & Disability Care sector is very rewarding work but it can also be challenging, particularly given the need to keep up with best practices as well as manage a diverse range of client needs.

With the introduction of The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the best practice requirement for a ‘Person Centered Approach’, the need for exceptional communication skills of staff working in these sectors has never been more imperative.

For many years now we have been training Aged & Disability Care workers (and people in related roles ie. Meals on Wheels, transport, volunteers etc) with a much needed communications technique that helps them with the practical elements of ‘how’ to question clients with a true ‘person centred’ focus.

This person centred questioning technique, facilitates the client to tap into their own potential and resourcefulness, leading to them being more independent and feeling more valued, engaged, and respected in the process.

Professional practices that do not utilise effective questioning frameworks will not facilitate clients finding their own solutions, resulting in them being less engaged and more dependent upon services.

Training staff in the Better Questions Person Centred communication technique provides them with an opportunity to confidently embrace these new practices immediately and with positive results apparent from the outset.

Through our experience of training thousands of Aged Care & Disability Professionals in the specialist communication skill of asking ‘Person Centred’ questions, we have seen this shift in focus occurring instantly and with outstanding results.

There have been hundreds of examples shared with us that prove how successful our Better Questions technique is in practice. Some of these case studies are shared here on this website.

To learn the skill of asking Better Questions, click here to attend one of our Better Questions public workshops or alternatively, if you would like to talk to us about running an in-house workshop for your organization you can enquire here, or email or call us on 1300 695 377

In addition to our Better Questions communications workshops we offer a whole range of learning resources in our Aged Care Products section where you can purchase books, e-books, e-modules and other resources (including an iPhone App) to support you in your learning of the Better Questions ‘Person Centred’ communications technique.

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Isn't it time you joined the Aged Care Revolution? - Learn how to become a Potentialiser and bring out the Amazingness in your clients!

Just a few of the testimonials received from our Aged Care sector clients about our Better Questions communication skills training:

"I work with a variety of people in the community living in their own homes with vastly different levels of needs. Good communication skills are essential in the care industry. Often communication issues are apparent, but my experience of being trained in the “better questions” technique has given me a vital tool that is non-confrontational and offers an easier method to solve problems and empower people to make their own decisions.  As a care worker, how many times you have thought you knew the answer to a client’s plight or situation? How often do you feel ‘obliged’ or ‘willed’ to solve issues rather then ask questions? Better questions have become a new way of approaching my work in this regard; it’s a serious tool that once taught empowers clients and aged care workers to work together through issues good and bad.
It has the power to create further independence rather than relying on others all the time. it’s a tool that allows myself to think outside the square and helps day to day issues in the workplace. If you ask people open questions even just some of the time, you will see direct results. Learning to ask the  ‘right question’ with the ‘right tone’ is a non-confrontational way of communicating and is also a valuable way of gaining knowledge of client’s real needs. It has also given me a useful way of communicating with the families and carers of my clients. I am a complete convert to the method and theory behind asking Better Questions; I am living proof of the direct results in my day-to-day life as well as working life."

Nathan -  aged care/disability sector, NSW

"The Hume Region have provided our Nursing, Assessment, Allied Health and Direct Care Staff with Better Questions training over the last 2 years. Better Questions provides a person centred approach to working with clients and engaging them in the process of thinking about what is important to them. This training has transferred easily across all disciplines and has provided a deeper understanding of the importance of 'talking with' a client instead of 'telling' the client what is best for them. The training has also provided consistent processes to support practitioners in developing person centred goal directed care plans. The facilitators are engaging and thoughtful in their approach and our HACC workforce has left sessions enthused and empowered.
Beth Dawson, HACC ASM Industry Consultant Hume Region.

Everyone was so positive as a result of your workshop. They certainly recognise new approaches they can adopt with their assessments and the way this will enhance the outcomes for the people we support. We will have a practice review session each month in order to continue to embed Better Questions into our practice. Your warmth as a facilitator has been commented on by all who attended.
Pam Keeble, Coordinator Community Care, City of Port Phillip

"I really enjoyed the workshops and got a lot out of them to ponder, consider and trial. Julie Cahill, Coordinator, Home Based Services, Aged & Disability Services, Mornington Peninsula Shire. The workshop provided my Community Support Workers with the knowledge of how to better engage with their client to get the most out of them, to discuss more effectively their needs and wants and to increase their autonomy and independence. More importantly, it taught them the effectiveness of listening and using the silence to let the clients answer their own questions. It is a wonderful workshop, very specific to the role of a Community Support Worker, and always delivered with a flair and passion that gets the most apathetic employee thoroughly engaged!"
Kris Henderson, Service Coordination Team Leader, Community Support Unit, Macedon Ranges Shire Council

"This workshop was a great way to kick start our journey into enablement and person centred care. I love that the training has challenged our way of thinking and it is exciting to see staff embedding the training into their practice resulting in better outcomes for clients. Highly recommended!!"
Kate Hogan, Community Care Manager,  Benevolent Society, NSW

“Thank you for the opportunity to trial the on line training course for “Asking Better Questions”. The staff who participated found the learning so valuable in both their work and home life. My staff who have attended the “Asking Better Question” workshops have come away enthused and excited by their learning. I enjoy the way you value, encourage and enthuse people, to gain understanding in the workshops. I look forward to further opportunities to for training with you and your organisation”
Mary-Anne Duke, Co-ordinator Aged & Disability Services, Horsham Rural City Council, VIC

"I have used the newly obtained Better Questioning skills so effectively, thereby giving both my family and my clients great hope and eagerness of ownership of their challenges! It's simply amazing!  The course is brilliant! "
CS. Pastoral Care, Catholic Community Services, NSW

"Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in one of the most informative and useful workshops that I have attended in my many years of professional experience as a social worker in the public health, private and now community sector. While the workshop material clearly drew on aspects of various therapeutic modalities, I felt that it was pitched at an appropriate level for a mixed audience who were all well versed in eliciting information from consumers in the form of a face to face assessment. The presenter Lindsay Tighe delivered the material expertly, with tireless energy, humour and enthusiasm – all of which highlighted her incredible passion for, and enjoyment of, working with individuals in order to capture an honest reflection of their need and circumstance. The Better Questions model encouraged a more qualitative, wholistic process to facilitate such an assessment and has reinvigorated the way that I will conduct my assessments in the future. A very useful tool indeed."
Gabby Hanson, B.A., BSW, M.A.A.S.W., V.M.H.S.W., V.A.F.T., Cert Psychotherapy & Counselling. Assessment Officer, Aged and Disability Services, Home and Community Care, Mornington Peninsula Shire

"WOW! What a fantastic opportunity to broaden your everyday communication skills. I found this course to be extremely helpful and a real eye opener not only from a professional perspective but also a personal one. Being an asker vs a teller had never crossed my mind before completing this course and now I can already see that this has been very beneficial for me. One of the most valuable things I have taken from this course is to embrace awkward moments – don’t avoid them! Thanks again Lindsay, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of such a great opportunity."
Melinda Bottoms, Home & Community Care - Administrative Officer, Horsham Rural City Council

"I just wanted to thank-you for the wonderful workshop you gave on Tuesday on Asking Better Questions. Two things really stood out for me. Firstly our role as being a potentialiser and secondly the concept of being a realiser of the amazingness in others. The workshop was very valuable as it provided me with skills I can take away and use in my practice and in my personal life. Thanks again for a great day."
Felicity Kennedy, Case Manager, Royal Freemasons

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop and I am now so conscious of my questioning and listening. It is really dramatic and I chastise myself when I don't ask good questions and just talk "at" people. Anyway you have certainly made a positive change in me so I thought I better drop you a line. "
Myf, Aged Care Professional, Vic.

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