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Affiliate Tips

When you have received your unique affiliate code you can start directing people to the Better Questions website and be rewarded each time they make a qualifying purchase. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Affiliate Partnership with Better Questions:

Where and how to use your Affiliate Code:


1. If you have a facebook page, go to your profile,
2. Select the Wall tab,
3. Choose Share Links
4. Paste in your affiliate code into the destination url
5. Write a comment (optional) eg "Learn this life changing communication skill" or "A simple technique that can change your relationships"
6. Press Save



1. Select Edit My Profile,

2. Choose Add Websites

3. Choose Websites: Other

4. Paste in your affiliate code into the destination url

5. Write a website title eg "Better Questions" or "Better Questions to Release Human Potential"
6. Press Save Changes



Type in a comment including your affiliate code. Press 'update'



If you have a blog or an internet page consider the following link options:

If you have attended a Better Questions program, read a book or bought other products/course, why not write about it in your blog or on your website and use your Affiliate Code to direct people to our site.

If you have a resource or useful links page, include your Affiliate Code there.




If you send out newsletters, blogs or e-mails, include a link to Better Questions in the text. For example

  • I completed a Better Parents Ask Better Questions online course and I'd really recommend other parents to do can check it out here
  • Check out some great Leadership blogs and articles here at Better Questions

Newsletter Linking Instructions

  • Type your newsletter or e-mail
  • Include an endorsement or reference to Better Questions
  • Insert a hyperlink using your affiliate tracking code as the address or desination url



To do this in Outlook Explorer edit your e-mail signature

Step 1 Create your signature in Microsoft Word including a hyperlink to the Better Questions website using your affiliate code
• In Word select Insert from the menu bar
• Select Hyperlink
• Name your link eg Affiliate of Better Questions
• Paste in you affiliate tracking code in the address box

Step 2 Create or update your e-mail signature. 

Instructions for Outlook Express

Step 1• From the menu bar select Tools
• Select Options
• Select the Mail Format Tab
• Go to the Signature section
• Copy the signature you created in word including the hyperlink to Better Questions into the signature text box in outlook and save by pressing OK.

Remember the more places you have your affiliate link to Better Questions, the higher the chance someone will click on it and purchase a course or product.

If you require any assistance in setting up your link please contact us - we would be happy to help!



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