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About Us

"Better Questions Are the Answer" is the brainchild of executive coach and trainer Lindsay Tighe. Lindsay is the CEO of Inspirational Coaching, one of Australia's leading providers of training and coaching services in the areas of leadership, team building, customer service, communication and creating great workplaces.

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About The Better Questions Team


Passionate about inspiring people to improve their own lives and the lives of others, Lindsay is committed to changing the world by helping people tap into their potential through more empowered thoughts and conscious conversations with others.


This passion and commitment lead to Lindsay writing her first book ‘The ANSWER- Improve Your Life by Asking Better Questions’, an easy to read ‘self help’ book where readers can learn a simple, yet extremely effective questioning technique to ask themselves better questions and also use with others to bring about positive change.

Soon after the release of ‘The ANSWER’ Lindsay was overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback and the number of people sharing their stories of how the questioning technique had changed their lives and the lives of others. Spurred on by this feedback, Lindsay was inspired to develop the ‘Better Questions Are The Answer’ workshop to provide a more intensive and experiential training in the Better Questions technique which has now been delivered to thousands of people, from all walks of life and professions throughout government, public and private sectors.

Following on from the success of the ‘The ANSWER’ and subsequent workshops, Lindsay and her team have gone on to develop a range of workshops and self development resources for people within specific business and personal relationships which includes: Better Leaders Ask Better Questions, Better Aged Care Professionals Ask Better Questions and Better Parents Ask Better Questions. Others to be released soon include: Better Teachers, Better Health & Wellbeing Professionals, Better Friends and Better Couples; if you would like more information about these please contact us.


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The Humble Question mark

Read about how the 'Humble Question Mark' inspired a communication revolution!!

Meet our team

With years of experience training people to become Potentialisers and learn the skill of asking 'Better Questions,' our trainers have become 'Master Potentialisers' and have witnessed first hand, the transformational impact of this simple, yet extremely effective communication tool.

This in turn, has instilled a passion in each of our trainers to deliver our workshops to a standard that goes way beyond 'the norm', working with all attendees on their techniques, encouraging and empowering them to take their new found, life changing skill back to the workplace, family home, or anywhere they have the opportunity to ask Better Questions and be instrumental in creating an improved outcome.


Our Trainers: our 'Master Potentialisers'

Lindsay Tighe

On this website Lindsay shares the wisdom gained from her life’s journey (so far!) with real passion, compassion and a desire to make the world a better place. Described as ‘inspirational, wise and intuitive’, Lindsay lives an...

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Tina Dolphin

Tina Dolphin is an experienced trainer and executive coach who shares Lindsay’s desire and passion to inspire people to live life to its full potential. A qualified trainer and assessor and a professionally trained performance coach, Tina...

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Margaret Smith

Margaret has a Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Development, Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. Her commitment is to supporting and nurturing people to achieve their full potential whilst enj...

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Vanessa Parsons

Vanessa has supported hundreds of individuals to grow and achieve success and she is an expert at creating a safe and supportive learning environment in which individuals and groups are willing to step out of their comfort zone to create new ...

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Kathy Whines - Licenced Trainer

Kathy is a qualified and experienced Life Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Business Owner and mother and has over 17 years of experience in the fields of coaching, social services, training, business management and human relations. Kathy ...

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Angela Hunt - Licenced Trainer

Angela is an experienced trainer with a professional background in Education. She enjoys coaching people to realise their full potential as her life’s work and legacy. Her leadership skills speak for themselves and she enjoys a wonderful ...

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Better Questions Licenced Trainer - Singapore

Alka Chandiramani

Alka is a multi-lingual human resources (HR) practitioner with over 20+ years of HR and legal experience. She is a HR generalist with experience covering the full spectrum of HR functions including regional roles. Worked as a business partner wi...

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