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About Us



We teach people to be Better Communicators


Because, when you are a Better Communicator you build Better Relationships with the people you talk with and bring out the best in them.


Better Communicators make Better: Leaders, Aged Care Professionals, Disability Support Professionals, Health Professionals, Community Service Providers, Educators and Parents etc


That's why we love doing what we do:

Teaching people just like you, to communicate better using the Better Questions technique.

How long?

A long time! Since 2002 and during that time we have trained 1000's of people to communicate better.

Are we good?

Yes…well of course we would say that! But we think that the fact that most of our business is generated through word of mouth, that's testimony to our credibility and the results people are getting. (You can read some of our client testimonials here)

Who Are We?

Lindsay Tighe

I am the founder of Inspirational Coaching and Better Questions and found my passion 18 years ago when I left the corporate world and trained as a coach. I had been working in banking/financial services for over 20 years and felt increasingly disillusioned by the politics and egos to the extent that one day I looked at myself in the mirror, connected with my own eyes and promptly burst into tears! I am so grateful for that moment because it was the catalyst for me to really ask myself some Better Questions which enabled me to realise that my passion was working with people to enable them to reach their full potential and to make the world a better place. I realised that I needed to get out of the box I was in and spread my wings.

Starting my own business was a scary prospect but I can now honestly say that alongside marrying my wonderful husband and deciding to move to live in Australia, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now one of those extremely fortunate people who genuinely gets out of bed every day excited about what I am doing and it is a privilege to do the work I do.

Nowadays my work consists mainly of running my Better Questions workshops nationally and, occasionally, overseas. I also still practice as a coach and absolutely love using Better Questions to enable people to be empowered, engaged and motivated and live their best life.

It is not unusual for me to cry when I receive emails and messages from people that learn the Better Questions methodology who share that it has positively changed their lives in some way and so I am committed to spreading the Better Questions message globally. If you can help me in any way with this please get in touch.

Thank you for your interest in my work – I hope that it inspires you to be a Potentialiser and release the amazingness in everyone!

Tina Dolphin

I've been fascinated by the way people think since I studied Marketing Communications way back in 1995 (showing my age now!) when I first learnt about neural pathways and how our thoughts could be 'influenced' by words and images.

After many years in marketing and advertising roles, I felt the urge to redirect my knowledge and interest into something that felt more positive and more meaningful, away from 'selling to people' to one of 'supporting people' and that's when I discovered Coaching – the practice of communicating with people in a way that facilitates and empowers them to make positive change.

In 2009, after many years working in my own business supporting leaders and business owners to achieve their professional and personal goals, I decided to join forces with Lindsay and Better Questions and train others in the skill of communicating in this powerfully transformative way.  Years later, I still get a buzz when I deliver my workshops and see people practicing their newly learnt skills with each other and getting great 'ah-hah' breakthroughs and results in a matter of hours.

As well as delivering the Better Questions workshops, mostly across NSW and QLD, , I also manage the Better Questions Website and Communications aspects of the business.

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