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Better Questions Blog Archive November 2012

  • Parenting Style - Your Self Awareness

    I received an email recently form a Mother telling me that she had found it to be quite confronting to take a look at how much of a teller she was with her children. In our online training program we ...

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  • LEADERS - Bring Out the Best in Your Team

    The best advice I have ever been given in my quest to be a Better Questioner is to listen as though I don’t exist. I confess that the first time I heard this advice I almost decided that I would...

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  • Aged Care Professionals - When Should I Tell?

    For those of you that have undertaken our training that work in the Aged Care sector, you will know that we advocate to do more asking and not so much ‘telling’ when we are working with ou...

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  • Parenting Tips

    We all know that when we are trying to change a habit that we have had for a long time it can feel like hard work and we often revert back to our old ways rather than persist with the perceived pain o...

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  • Aged Care Professionals - The Person Centred Approach

    In a workshop I ran recently that focussed on applying the 'Person Centred Approach' by asking Better Questions, a community nurse advised me that he had found it to be quite confronting to take a loo...

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  • Parenting - Effective Communication Techniques

    Once you make a choice to be a Potentialiser®* your kids will undoubtedly notice the change in your approach. In fact one lady shared with me recently that she had tried taking a more questioning ...

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  • Communicating With Your Children

    One of the things that I have learnt in life is that once you become aware of something you cannot change back and not become aware any more. Recognising that you are likely to be more of a natural &l...

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