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Better Questions Blog Archive November 2012

We pride ourselves on inspiring people about asking Better Questions and hope that our Blogs will provide ongoing inspiration, education and insights to enable you to maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. We recognise that when we are learning a new skill it is important to keep focused and get additional guidance and our highly experienced Potentialiser Blog writers will share with you their wisdom and expertise from their journeys so far. ENJOY!

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LEADERS - Bring Out the Best in Your Team

26 November 2012 in Better Leaders |  Leave the first comment
The best advice I have ever been given in my quest to be a Better Questioner is to listen as though I don’t exist. I confess that the first time I heard this advice I almost decided that I wouldn’t be able to practice the skill in real life because I could not I imagine a time when I got ... Read more

Parenting Style - Your Self Awareness

20 November 2012 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment
I received an email recently form a Mother telling me that she had found it to be quite confronting to take a look at how much of a teller she was with her children. In our online training program we invite parents to reflect on their more habitual or natural responses in situations where they are a ... Read more

Parenting - Communicating With Your Children: Are you an 'Asker' or a 'Teller'

13 November 2012 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment
The starting point for our journey to being a Potentialiser® has to be some honest self reflection about what we are currently doing in our role as parents, particularly in relation to us being a more natural teller, as opposed to an ‘asker’. In our training we share the idea that as ... Read more

Aged Care Professionals - When Should I Tell?

06 November 2012 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
For those of you that have undertaken our training that work in the Aged Care sector, you will know that we advocate to do more asking and not so much ‘telling’ when we are working with our clients. Most of us recognise the serious adverse consequences of doing too much ‘telling&rs ... Read more
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