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Better Questions Blog Archive September 2013

We pride ourselves on inspiring people about asking Better Questions and hope that our Blogs will provide ongoing inspiration, education and insights to enable you to maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. We recognise that when we are learning a new skill it is important to keep focused and get additional guidance and our highly experienced Potentialiser Blog writers will share with you their wisdom and expertise from their journeys so far. ENJOY!

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Better Questions for a Better You

10 September 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
As human beings we often get stuck in patterns of thinking because of our daily routines and habits. Some research suggests that we typically we have 95% of the same thoughts again tomorrow as what we had today, which suggest that there is very little room for new thought or indeed change. In this a ... Read more

Better Leaders: When "I Dont Know" Doesnt Mean "I Dont Know"!

03 September 2013  Leave the first comment
I was talking with a manager recently who expressed how powerful using Better Questions had been in shifting his team to start taking more responsibility. In the past he had inadvertently been the main person to take responsibility in the team - he was the manager after all and it had been accepted ... Read more
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