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Better Questions Blog Archive August 2013

We pride ourselves on inspiring people about asking Better Questions and hope that our Blogs will provide ongoing inspiration, education and insights to enable you to maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. We recognise that when we are learning a new skill it is important to keep focused and get additional guidance and our highly experienced Potentialiser Blog writers will share with you their wisdom and expertise from their journeys so far. ENJOY!

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Better Questions - Time

30 August 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
It is interesting for me that without exception when I explain the concept of asking Better Questions one of the most common objections to using the approach is that it will take too much time. I do acknowledge that asking questions instead of providing answers will usually take longer and so unders ... Read more

Better Questions - A Better Way to Support Your Clients

13 August 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
This week I was chatting to a friend of mine who is receiving visits from a District Nursing service to help them to manage a current health challenge. My friend is generally extremely complimentary of the service they receive and very grateful for the care and support that they provide.Apparently o ... Read more

The Power of Questions

13 August 2013 in Better Leaders |  Leave the first comment
I was invited to present at a conference for the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) very recently and chose to talk about The Power of Questions. So this week I thought I would remind you of some of the reasons why you need to get excited about questions, as they are NOT simply a sentence with ... Read more

Practice Makes Perfect Questioners!

13 August 2013 in Better Leaders |  Leave the first comment
In our training programs I will usually end up the session by advising participants of the three P model. As I start to talk about this, people usually grab their pens ready to write down what the model is and then smile at me when I explain that it is simply to:PRACTICE!PRACTICE!PRACTICE!

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Achieve Better Questions Through Effective Listening

13 August 2013 in Better Healthcare |  Leave the first comment
I often have people say to me that no one in their lives listens to them like I listen to them. Whilst I could potentially feel good about this, it usually makes me feel sad because it highlights to me that people in their lives do not often feel really listened to. I’m not sure what your thou ... Read more

Better Questions are the Best Way to 'HELP' Your Clients

13 August 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
I have been privileged recently to work with a number of Maternal & Child Health nurses who are being encouraged by new philosophical guidelines to work more collaboratively with clients rather than to go in and fix the problem for them.Of course this is challenging for two reasons:1.   ... Read more

Better Question to Generate Ideas and ACTION!

13 August 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
In our training programs we often give participants an opportunity to practice the skills that they learn, which of course helps to consolidate the learning.  During the debrief with one of the groups I heard them say how good the asking of Better Questions had been as it had helped the partici ... Read more

Being Open Minded Makes for a Better Questioner!

13 August 2013 in Better Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
This week I was reminded of the importance and challenges of being open minded when you wish to be a successful Potentialiser. I personally find that many people say that they are open minded but when it comes to the practice of it; they don’t demonstrate the skill very well. This is particula ... Read more

Better Parents: Helping Your Children Make Choices

13 August 2013 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment
In a previous blog I wrote about using questions to help children to make decisions and I shared the example of Glenys who was feeling very frustrated with her 17-year-old son who she had been trying to engage about the need to fill in forms to go to university. When she took a more questioning appr ... Read more
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