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Better Questions Blog Archive April 2013

We pride ourselves on inspiring people about asking Better Questions and hope that our Blogs will provide ongoing inspiration, education and insights to enable you to maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. We recognise that when we are learning a new skill it is important to keep focused and get additional guidance and our highly experienced Potentialiser Blog writers will share with you their wisdom and expertise from their journeys so far. ENJOY!

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Better Parents: The Importance of Listening

22 April 2013  Leave the first comment
I was chatting to a gentleman recently who had attended one of our Better Parents Ask Better Questions seminars. He had attended with his wife and they were kindly taking some time to provide their positive feedback about the session. They outlined to me how they had never really been conscious of t ... Read more

Better Questions - Using the Best Language

17 April 2013 in Aged Care |  Leave the first comment
I was chatting to a lady this week who had been trying out her new found questioning skills with mixed results. She had found that when she used Better Questions with her brother in the context of encouraging him to get clearer about his ideal career direction that she got a response where he said h ... Read more

Better Parents: Asking Narrow Focussed Questions is Better than Telling!

10 April 2013 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment
As you know when we ask Better Questions we are enabling the other person to bring their own creative ideas and wisdom to the discussion, which I personally feel is a good thing. How wonderful that we create a positive freeing environment for people to explore and generate their own ideas – th ... Read more

Better Parents: Communicating with your kids

02 April 2013 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment

For those of you that I have been privileged to meet at workshops you will be familiar with my movement that I use along my imaginary ASK vs TELL line. For those people I haven’t met, just so you are on the same page, I invent a line that looks a bit like this:

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