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Better Questions Blog Archive January 2013

We pride ourselves on inspiring people about asking Better Questions and hope that our Blogs will provide ongoing inspiration, education and insights to enable you to maintain your passion and enthusiasm for the topic. We recognise that when we are learning a new skill it is important to keep focused and get additional guidance and our highly experienced Potentialiser Blog writers will share with you their wisdom and expertise from their journeys so far. ENJOY!

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Using Better Questions - The Unexpected Outcome!

23 January 2013  Leave the first comment
This week I received an email form a lady who had attended one of our training workshops in December. The headline of her email said “Asking Better Questions – it’s working!” which of course immediately got my attention and curiosity! I thought I'd shared the content of the e ... Read more

Better Parents - Why Should I Ask My Kids Better Questions

09 January 2013 in Better Parents |  Leave the first comment
After attending one of our workshops recently, a lady advised me that she came to the realisation that she had created the situation whereby her 21 year old daughter had become dependent on her for advice.

She hadn't intended for this to happen but in the belief that she was 'helpin ... Read more
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