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A Highly Effective Yet Simple, Empowering Communication Model That is Changing The World

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The ability to communicate effectively can have a profound effect on your personal and professional life as well as the lives of the people you converse with.

Better Questions provides training and resources to teach people to communicate in a way that releases human potential and is respectful and empowering. We work on the premise that everyone is far more capable than they realise and that by using questions we can tap into and release more of that capability. In essence we teach people to be more mindful of their habitual communication style and rather than jumping in to fix and solve other people's problems to instead ask Better Questions to empower, engage and enable others.

Having trained 1000's of people in our simple, yet highly effective communication technique, we know that the Better Questions communication training is changing peoples lives for the better; we know this to be the case based on the numerous testimonials, comments and case studies we receive on a daily basis. You can view just some of them here.

We teach our Better Questions methodology to:

We all have innate wisdom we just need to be asked the right question - Plato!

You won't believe how many times I have used the Better Questions communications model this past week already. It definitely works!

Since the Better Questions improve communications session our questioning has been more thoughtful and our capacity to really hear someone else's story has helped us in our relationships with our colleagues, the children and their families

I think the Better Questions communication skills training was excellent and gave a new perspective on how to communicate with others.

I have used the Better Questions communication strategies already with good results in clients assessments, care planning and goal setting and I am happy with the results and quite surprised that such a simple thing can lead to all sorts of wonderful outcomes

The Better Questions communications workshop is a fun and informative workshop and gives you the tools you need to unlock the full potential of people you interact with. I highly recommend the 'Better Questions' communications training for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and get the best out of the children, families and colleagues that they work with.


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  1. Health & Wellbeing Professionals

    Health & Wellbeing Professionalsso they can practice person/patient focussed care and build capacity and enable self management in clients to improve their wellbeing and create less dependence on services.

  2. Aged Care Professionals

    Aged Care Professionals so they practice person centred care resulting in their clients being more respected, capable and enabled and more involved in decision making regarding their care.

  3. Managers/Supervisors/Leaders

    Managers/Supervisors/Leaders so they release the potential in their teams to create more engagement, higher levels of performance and more motivation in the workplace.

  4. Work Teams

    Work Teams so they value and respect each other and release the untapped potential in their colleagues, resulting in more motivated, creative, capable and harmonious work teams.

  5. Parents

    Parents so they can support their children to live their best life by enabling them to be more confident, resilient and responsible as well as develop problem solving and decision making skills.

  6. Teachers & Early Childhood Professionals

    Teachers & Early Childhood Professionals so they can release the potential and capability in children & students and create more engagement with colleagues and families.

  7. Youth Workers

    Youth Workers so they can support young people to be more resourceful, confident and resilient and build essential life skills.

  8. Teenagers

    Teenagers so they can develop essential skills to support themselves and each other to help them handle life's challenges with confidence.

  9. You

    You so you can be more resourceful, creative and confident allowing you to fulfil your own potential and live your best life.